STORY TIME!! This Is The Story Of How Afonja Lost Ilorin And Its Kingship To Fulani People

Ilorin was founded by the Yorùbá people,it became the provincial military headquarters of the Oyo Empire (Oyo Ile).

At the period of the formation, Ilorin was controlled by By Afonja,the sixth Are-Ona-Kakanfo or chief military leader and successor of Are-Ona Oku of Jabata.

Afonja carried out military functions for then Aláàfin Aole,the son of Aláàfin Abiodun.

The picture below is the palace before Fulani Jamma takes over Aole resigned between 1789 and 1796.

It was during this time that Shehu Alimi,a Fulani cleric arrived with some of his tribesmen were all welcomed and hosted by Afonja.

After a while, conflict broke out between Aláàfin Aole and Afonja Aláàfin had ordered Afonja to attack a town called Iwere-ile., Afonja thought it was a sucidial mission and stubbornly refused.

Afonja disobeyed Aláàfin Aole because a former Aláàfin named Ajagbo had placed curses on any kakanfo that attempt to attack Ile-Iwere.

Ile-Iwere is the hometown of Sole’s paternal grandmother. In the middle of the controversy,Aláàfin Aole ordered Afonja to attached Apomu,a well-known and a strong town in Ile-Ife.

This was in 1795,the controversy heated up to the point that,they resulted to trash things out with dispute and violence.

At this stage,Afonja sought the help and support of Shehu Alimi (also knowns as Shehu Janta),Shehu Alimi has both spiritual power and military power.

On their way back from Apomu journey, Afonja stopped at Oyo-ile to dealt with Aláàfin Aole, Afonja sent an empty calabash to Aole incidating his exclusion as the Aláàfin and according to the culture and traditions of Oyo,he was to commit sucide at such, which he did.

Some historians claims that before Afonja committed Sucide,he performed some rituals and cursed Yoruba land, some even believes that Aole’s curse is the reason behind the Inter-tribal wars that broke out in the following years such as kiriji war,Egba-dahomey War and so on.

Aole was succeded by Adebo (1796 to 1797). Makun succeded Adebo, unfortunately he only ruled for few months before his death 1792 to 1802,the Oyo throne was vacant for a while.

It was in 1802 that Aláàfin Majoku was crowned and it’s was during His reign the Are-Ona-Kakanfo lost Ilorin to the Fulani people.

After defeating Aole, Afonja and Alimi’s relationship became so strong, Afonja appointed Alimi’s men into his Army and dismissed many of his men.

Unknowing to Afonja, the Fulanis were systematically invading his army and it was too late before he realised.

After Shehu Alimi’s death, his son Abdulsalem earnestly craved to rule Ilorin and planned a coup against Afonja. Abdulsalem’s men shot Afonja arrows till he died. He was shot many arrows that his dead body remained suspended in an upright position for a long period of time.

After the mudered of Are-Ona-Kakanfo Afonja, Abdulsalem,the son of Shehu Alimi sized the control Of Ilorin and ruled Ilorin with the title of Emir not oba. That was how Yorùbás lost Ilorin till date.

Afterwards the Yorubas makes every effort to regain control of Ilorin from Fulani Jammas but all attempts failed.

Tojeye,the successor of Afonja Led the first and second attempts to drive Fulani people out of Ilorin. The second attempt I’d Known as Mugba Mugba war,the Yorùbá suffered untold defeat.

Mugbamugba war image below👇🏻

Abdulsalam became the Emir of Ilorin and pledged Loyalty to the Sokoto caliphate and subdued several towns in Yorùbá land and destroyed the Oyo capital, Oyo-ile.

Abdulsalam conducted a jihad towards the sea and was only stopped by the Ibadan victory over his cavalrymen in Osogbo in 1840.

This was Afonja lost Ilorin to the Fulani people.

Hope you find this story interesting and intriguing.

Source: Emi ni Bolanle Oni story



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