READ NOW!! A story of a sugar mummy and a boy

A 39 yrs old sexy lady chatting with her 18 yrs old sugar boy she just came online some hours ago
SUGAR MUMMY: am so horny rich now wouldn’t you like to eat my ass some day?😊
BOY: Damn yea I would like that😊😇🥺, by the way send me a picture of your ass, if you don’t mind babe😳
She sends half naked picture without face on it
BOY: Damn that so huge 😋😋I just can’t wait to penetrate in to it
SUGAR MUMMY: Me too baby 🥰, by the way I will talk to you later i think my husband is back cos I can hear d sound of d car at d gate🚘
BOY: Ooh okay bye I also think my dad is back because I’m hearing his car.
SUGAR MUMMY: Wait a minute, where exactly do you stay in Nairobi?🤨🤔
BOY:I stay in Haruma street house number 104/10.
SUGAR MUMMY: Kelvin is that u?🙆‍♀️🤦‍♀️
BOY: mum is that your ass🧐😳😱
Wahala be like what again🤣🤣

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