Top Hot 10 S*x Positions That Would Make Your Partner Beg For More (See This)

For some couples, sex is an integral part of their relationship and it is very important to shake things up to have an exciting sex life.

A great way to improve your sex life, or make an already great one even better is to try some new things.

Change it up and try out new positions. One of these sex positions is bound to help you get right back on that horse!

👉🏿Missionary Position

You might be thinking, why is this position on this list, but there is a reason why it is on every sex position list you can think of. It might sound regular, but it is one of those positions that build up the emotions and intimacy with your partner.

There is something deep about watching how your partner reacts to your lovemaking, how you make them feel. And you can spice this one up by moving a little higher up and going in with a rocking, rolling motion instead of thrusting. It will give your partner a new range of feelings.


Man on top, rear entry. Your partner is lying face down on the bed with a pillow under their pelvis, and you get to enter from behind. It gives you a good view of your partner’s ass, which is never a bad thing, never!

👉🏿Doggy Style

This is another common favourite around the world. It is amazing for g-spot and scrotal stimulation. To make it easier, you can ask your partner to kneel on the edge of the bed while you stand behind and slide in, easy as you please. And remember that thing about the ass view?

👉🏿Legs Over Shoulders

This one looks exactly like it sounds; your partner lies on their backs, legs spread wide and placed on your shoulders while you enter. You can even introduce a vibrator here, easy access. This might be the position that your partner needs to take them from “well, it’s okay” to “OMG!! do it again!”


This one is for the strong at arm (here I go again). Do not try this if your triceps are not up for the challenge. Your partner gets on their hands and knees and then you pick them up by their pelvis, grip their waist with your thighs, and you go to pound town. Phew! This will give your sex life a boost. It is exciting and also helps with deep penetration.

👉🏿The Pretzel

Even though this sounds like something you would have to be a professional contortionist to attempt, it is not as difficult as all that.

Your partner lies on their left side, while you kneel and straddle their left leg. Their right leg then goes around your waist.

To visualize this sex position, imagine open scissors, with you in between the two long blades. This one offers the deep penetration of the doggy style while also providing the face to face intimacy of missionary position. Erm, what are you waiting for then, go get your pretzel on!


This is one of the most restful or easy sex positions that you will find anywhere. You could be watching a movie even and be slow going at it. Your partner lies on their side and you do the same behind them, but a little lower. All you need to do is rock back and forth, easy as you please, while your arms have access to the whole of their body.

This position is amazing for a lazy afternoon when neither of you wants to exert yourself too much. And it is great for lasting long because of the shallow penetration angle.

👉🏿The Lotus

This one is a favourite for many, it is easy, very intimate, and feels amazing. Many people call it yoga for the bedroom, and they are not wrong. You get to sit down (yes, sit down) with your legs crossed or straight while your partner straddles you with their legs wrapped around your back.

It might feel awkward at first, but once you get into the rhythm and your partner is rocking on you while you are also kissing and touching each other, you will forget the awkwardness.


Well, this list can’t be complete without this, right? It is tried and tested and it can get you to experience some mind-blowing orgasms. Here you lie down on your back while your partner straddles you, literally sitting on you.

They get to be in control, moving however they want which can be very exciting for both of you, especially if you are someone that likes to always be in control.

Your hands are also free to roam and caress heightening the pleasure for them. You can change it up by going reverse cowgirl and have your partner turn around. Oh, the views!

👉🏿Standing Up

This might not be your go-to sex move, but it is perfect for that I-got-to-have-you-now moment. No need to shuck off too many clothes or get on a bed or chair. You can have your partner bent over with you behind or standing up with their feet spread wide, and their hands placed on a wall for balance in 5 seconds flat.

It is spontaneous, quick, and sweaty. This might even be a preferred position if you like to get it on in a public place, somewhere without many options for beds or time. Try this one of these days, it might quickly become a standing position for you.


Top Hot 10 S*x Positions That Would Make Your Partner Beg For More!


Which Among These 10 S*x Positions Would You Try or Had Tried?

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