MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY!!! Do You Think Your Girlfriend/ Boyfriend Is Too Poor For You?

Relationships these days have been seen like investments – If I stay with this Man/ Woman, Things might get better soon.

Insecurities might be one of the reasons why we overly choose to stay in some relationships where we don’t get what we truly deserve.

Sometimes, some ladies limit themselves to being in positions of full housewives whereas they can actually make double what thier husbands bring to the table but the fact that we live live to please others is a big deterrent.

We sometimes get blinded by love or indecision to walk away from some relationships because we feel our partner loves us as much as we do But no we fail.

Sometimes, some blessings come like a disappointment but we are always too busy mourning our loses not knowing that we are only getting ourselves prepared for the best.

Make decisions to please your existence as a human. Try and chase your career first, get money, and you will find love. Love is always sweeter when there is money in it. Life is not a Nollywood movie.

Do You Think Your Girlfriend/ Boyfriend Is Too Poor For You? 



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