Ladies!!! Stop Treating Men Like gods; They Also Get Emotional – 5 Secrets About Men

In Nigeria, men are seen as demigods, and almost every one of them exhibits the “godlike” behavior, which is sometimes called the “bro code,” which means concealing a feeling even though it hurts.

Surprisingly, these rules are unwritten but are guarded and honored, especially when the other gender is involved.

Men stick to these rules at the expense of their feelings; even ladies now see and treat them as the “gods” they are, but something else under that guise.

Truly, men aren’t gods; they are also subjected to emotional and physical abuse. Sometimes, they cry in hiding at the expense of their financial status; they also give out just to maintain the status quo of being a man.

Under the “hard guy” lies beneath a man who has been abused, who suffers lower self-esteem, who is facing a big life ordeal, who battles depression, but as the gender they are, they have to be strong.

In this article, I’ll talk about five different things men wish ladies knew about them.

Top 5 Secrets About Men

👉    Men Are Emotional And Go Through A Lot:-

The image that women have of males is that of a “king” who is never emotional, has no troubles in life, never cries, and can manage any situation without being depressed.

To be sure of this, If you’re a lady, ask yourself, “How many guys have shared their life ordeals with me?” bet it, none or little. In fact, the guy who shared his problem with you is in trouble if his friends should hear about it.

Men want to be heard and have their feelings understood, and the idea of being powerful is set too high for them.

Sometimes, they want a shoulder to lean on and tell their problems. Even at that, men are mostly known for reaching out in a relationship, and ladies get angry if they don’t.

If you see a man today, give him a big hug and ask how he’s doing.

👉    Men Want To Be Asked Out, Too:-

Enough with the romantic smiles and stares across the hall; guys want to be wanted, and they want you to approach them and strike up a discussion with them.

It doesn’t indicate that you’re cheap; rather, it demonstrates your confidence, and men admire confident women who go after what they want.

👉   Men Love It When You Buy Gifts For Them:-

You should be aware, ladies, that men enjoy receiving gifts and money. They also wish they could have someone ask for their account number.

When “sapa” grab them by the neck, they want you not just to ask, “how are you?” They want money, lots of it.

👉   Don’t Compliment Us When You Want To Reject Our Proposal. Also, We Don’t Like To Be Friends After You Reject Our Proposal:

It’s never easy to say no to someone’s proposal.

“See, Femi, you’re such a nice person, but I like you as a friend,” you begin complimenting them. “Don’t pass through the corners,” stay on one side. Don’t get them mixed up.

They don’t settle for friends once their proposal is rejected, and they don’t care in the slightest about accolades.

It hurts them to chat to you every day and know they won’t be able to have you. Instead of getting caught in a “situation-ship” with you, they want to go on with their singleness.

👉    We Are Human And Have Sexual Feelings, Too:-

Even while it’s part of the unwritten “bro code” that a guy should be able to control himself, they are still human; don’t tease them if you don’t want to have anything sexually linked with them.

Don’t instigate sexual harassment or violence because real men don’t do it. Guys also despise men who commit acts of aggression against women.

With all that said, ladies should try to get closer to guys, treat them more like humans who feel things, and need love and care.

Call your partner or buddies now and again, even if they don’t answer. Inquire about their well-being, offer genuine compliments (do not let “billing” follow), send them money, ask them to the movies, and so on.

In addition, males have to get over the “bro code” and attempt to be emotional when it matters. They should talk to trusted friends about their issues and seek guidance.

So Guys, 👇

Over To You

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