I MUST READ! What is 10minutes to Iftar?

🍧10 minutes before Iftar is not a time to be staring at the fruit, gossiping, fighting , over food & drinks desperately filling the plates just in case someone takes more.

🖥It’s definitely not the time to just watch the clock or TV second by second – waiting for the adhan to be announced😰

✅10 minutes before Iftar is a time of dropping on your knees and asking Allah to accept everything that you have done throughout the day😰

✅It is a period when du’a is accepted and it is a time when Allah grants the wishes of those who call on to Him so take advantage🕌

🍧You can have food everyday of the year, but these 30 iftars – They don’t come around too often.

May Allah Accept all our little efforts as an act of Ibadah🙏🙏




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