BIOGRAPHIES HOUR! With A Nigerian Indigenous Motivational Speaker, Tv Host and Inspirational Writer Breakthrough Adeleke

Breakthrough Adeleke was born on November 14th in the western part of Nigeria, Oyo town of Oyo state to Bishop and Reverend Mrs Adeleke. She was born into a strong Christian home and was raised in the way of the Lord.

She is the first of the family of three. She has a sister and a brother.

She is a passionate lover of Christ and which has led her to host a Motivational program named BREMH MOTIVATIONAL TALK which has benefited many.

She is an inspirational writer in which her write ups inspired by the HOLYSPIRIT has blessed many.

She speaks on different subjects such as Leadership, Purpose, Relationship, sex and love, self-esteem and many others inwhich she has conducted programs to teach this subjects and has been invited to programs to teach on them as well.

Breakthrough’s passion has led her to organize Outreaches for secondary schools to teach on Sex and Love alongside her team.

She is currently working on books inspired by the holyspirit that’s related to this subjects to impact lives.

You can watch all her videos and read her write-ups on her Social Media platforms.

You can follow her on social media platforms:
Instagram: breakthroughadeleke
Facebook: Breakthrough Adeleke



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