[A MUST READ] Guys – Be Careful Of The Kind Of Girls You Go Out With Nowadays, Many Are Used Already

Too many “dead but alive” girls moving around nowadays – they have been used for Rituals.

Many of them are living corpses and nothing good can ever come out of them again because their fortune has been collected from them and they are now working spiritually to make some guys rich.

👉 Have you ever noticed – If you have s3x with some girls, things will start going bad for you and your business..

It happens very well and that’s the reason why guys need to be very careful of the kind of Ladies they have s3x with.

Don’t date any Girl whose Ex is a Yahoo boy

Some girls are so stupid to the extent that they will say it proudly that they cannot date any guy who is not a Yahoo boy just because of the material things they get to enjoy forgetting that their own life is at risk.

No matter how beautiful you are or how much the guy likes you, if he has to use you so he can continue making more money, he won’t even hesitate to use you because he knows he will surely get someone better than you if he has enough cash, available or hammer big time..

So, who the fuck are you not to be used?

Let me share a quick story with you that someone sent to us that lead to this post I just published.

Read below:-


Now, this mail is making me fear 😨

GUYS – be careful of the hole you enter these days oo. God no go shame us o 🙏

LADIES – be careful of the guys you go after because he’s rich. If you run your life well, you can be richer than most of these desperate boys out there.

Don’t let the latest iPhone and living porshe life make you date someone who will use you and make you miserable for the rest of your life.

Thanks for reading this beautiful piece, God will never forsake us 🙏

We love you!




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