Yhemo Lee Reveals “Why Poco Lee Posted Portable’s Song On His Music Channel” (Read Details)

Yhemo Lee, who is an insider in the ongoing drama between Poco Lee and Portable, has shed clarity on why the singer’s song was uploaded on the dancer’s account.

Yhemo Lee explaining the cause behind the ongoing brouhaha between Poco Lee and Portable shed light on the grey area and the reason why the Zazoo song was uploaded on the dancer’s account.

Recall Portable, in a viral video called out Poco Lee, stating that the dancer hijacked the song from him and, is displeased by the fact that Poco Lee’s name comes first on the record, not his.

He also accused the popular dancer of cornering the money, Afrobeats star Wizkid sprayed him at the recently-held live concert.

An insider named Yhemo Lee has come out to explain some of the issues between the street singer and Dancer.

He stated that the music needed to be released as quickly as possible, and the fast-rising street star didn’t have any digital store accounts available at the time.

He further made it known that Poco Lee is not out to reprive Portable of his proceeds from the song as they will be sharing it accordingly.

Yhemo Lee reveals why Poco Lee posted Portable’s song on his music channel

He said:

“Poco lee is not eating Portable’s money, Poco lee only posted The Zazoo song on his own music channels because portable does not have his own personal music channels and it will take a week or 2 weeks to open Apple music and other music channels and the song needed to be dropped ASAP, they will split the proceeds from all the money made from the song”. Na Zazoo get song now.



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