TRUE STORY:- What I Achieved As A Bricklayer In 3 Years, I Didn’t As A Teacher In 20 Years (Read This)

Why would you even compare a Teacher with a bricklayer?

Well, I used to think there is no basis for comparing a Teacher with a Bricklayer but a recent event change my line of thinking.

Read this true story, you will be shocked 👇

I went to visit a friend at a construction site around Meiran in Lagos two days ago, and almost immediately I got there I noticed that one of the Bricklayers working there was being called TEACHER by his co-workers.

I wondered what would make his colleagues be calling him Teacher, could it be that he is so good that he even trains his colleagues on the job?

So, I inquired about him from one of his colleagues why they refer to him as TEACHER, the man replied that he is actually a school Teacher. Not satisfied, I went to TEACHER himself to hear from the horse’s mouth. The man who appears to me as a man in his mid-40’s told me his name is ADIO; he said he is actually a trained Teacher and had taught in several schools before deciding to leave the Teaching profession for Bricklaying.

When I asked him why he left Teaching he said

‘Things are hard in this country and the mingy, chintzy, niggard school owners make things harder for their workers with the way they treat them thereby; making it difficult for someone like me to feed myself and family.

Even the peanuts, meager pellet which they are expected to pay at the end of the month, the avaricious, penurious, and tight-fisted proprietors find it difficult to part with them. It is either they are short-paying or underpaying or not paying. By the end of the month, you as an ‘educated pauper’ are actually living from hands to mouth like a blind shrew.

I asked him why Bricklaying of all jobs?

‘I taught professionally as a School Teacher with both my NCE and Degree Certificates for over 20 years yet I have nothing to show for it but since almost 3 years now that I’ve fully embraced Bricklaying things have been more than better.

God has been too faithful to me and by His Grace by December I will be moving into my own cozy and comfy house at Atan in Ogun State. What I couldn’t achieve for more than 20 years as a Teacher I’ve been able to do so in less than 3 years as a Bricklayer.

If reincarnation is true then, in my next life I would choose Bricklaying over Teaching over and over again.’ ADIO said.

The End!!!

This life is a puzzle – May God guide us to choose the right career that will change our life





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