Top 5 Popular Slangs Originated By Nigerian Musicians And Their Meanings

The Nigeria music industry is full of great talents and a whole lot of their words have turned to daily use among their fans all over the country.

Below are some slangs being used among Nigerians and their originators:


A slang that was first used by the popular singer has gained massive usage among people on a daily basis.

Apart from naming one of his tracks ‘Mafo’, Naira Marley has used the words in so many lyrics of other songs.

The word ‘Mafo’ can be translated to ‘Don’t Break’ but the literal meaning of the word is ‘Don’t Be Intimidated’.


Any one that is familiar with music and the street would have definitely used this word. It was first used by the star singer, Davido.

E Choke can be said to mean ‘It Chokes’ but it is an exclamatory remark for something awesome or tremendously extraordinary.

3. ZaZoo Zehh

Seems like the newest of all the slangs. It is a street slang by the newly famed guy called Portable. Not many people know the meaning of the slang but people have been using it among themselves in the start or middle of conversations.

As a newly recognized star in the industry, we believe Portable would grace some media interviews very soon and explain the meaning of the slang.

4. Smellos

This slang was first popularized when Olamide and Wizkid were on a track together. Wizkid used the word to diss fellow artiste, Davido when they had some beef differences.

Smellos is simply used to define someone below one’s level.


Olamide refers to himself as Baddo and he is the one that popularized the slang. Baddo simply means someone who is extremely good at doing good/bad things.

So many young ones find pleasure in calling themselves by the slang and many use it in hailing fellow friends.

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