TMCAOY 2021 :The Results Of Group C Finnaly Out , Check Details

We are glad and appreciative to all our contestants.

We also appreciate everyone that voted, we believe everyone deserve this award, Nevertheless the Artiste with the highest votes will eventually emerge as the Winner.

After counting all the votes which go thus:

1 Lil Cruise=0 VOTE

2 Alagba Sakete=3 VOTE’S

3 Queen Lizzy=1 VOTE

4 Tee Slash=7 VOTE’S

5 Emilwizy =103 VOTERS

6 My worship Tv=3 VOTE’S

We are glad to announce to you the Winner for *THE MOST CREATIVE ARTISTE OF THE YEAR 2021 AT SKYSCRAPER AWARD NIGHT BY BREMH MOTIVATIONAL TALK SHOW* GROUP B are( No 4: Tee Slash=7 VOTE’S(NO 5: EMILWIZY) with the highest votes of 103

Now *THE WINNERS* are qualified to participate in the last stage of Voting where we finally choose the *OVERALL WINNER*



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