Temmie Ovwasa: Being A Lesbian Is A Lonely Experience, I Enjoy It

YBNL Singer Temmie Ovwasa has given reasons why she chose lesbianism over normal rudiments of sex.

The star stated that she finds it hard to give men a space in her heart.

Temmie said, “people with absolute no game will come into your life “you’re so pretty” that a compliment should make me French kiss you?.

She placed in a question why she wants a man in her space.

She also said that her experience with men has been so bad more reason why she aggressively gives them space.

“Being a Lesbian is a lonely experience and I’m glad I enjoy the solitude, when it comes to men I aggressively make space for them around me due to my experience with them.”

Temmie made a statement clear to ladies

” I don’t wanna hear about your boyfriend”. In my world only women and gender non conforming people exist.”

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