TECNOxBBNaija6: Big Brother Puts A Spin On Saturday Night Party With An African Theme

Big brother tendered African couture to the world, and TECNO perfectly did the delivery!

The fourth Big Brother Saturday night party was one of the most colorful parties you’d ever see.  Big brother decided to remind us of how beautiful African prints are, and we are all here for it!

Going by the theme of the night, the housemates all donned African prints in different glam styles and vibrant colors. And just before the party began, they locked down their looks using TECNO’s Phantom X smartphone.

As is the case with every party, especially those in Big Brother’s house, 3 things are involved; the party fun, the glitz and glam fashion, and Instagram-worthy pictures. The housemates aced the first two, and TECNO’s Phantom X came through on the third!

Another Saturday night party is nearly here again, and we can’t wait to see through the Phantom X lens what version of glam the housemates will serve us!



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