See The New Strategy Serial Rapists And Ritualists Are Using

Earlier this year, I was in Port Harcourt for work and I had to get to Market Square on Peter Odili Road for some work materials.

Finished buying and stepped out to get a taxi and this guy walked up to me with a smile on his face….Greeted “hello” and I responded.

Then he said to me, “go to xhdyz hotel on xyz road and wait for me, I’ll meet you there soon”.

Then he went ahead to give details of the place, I’m not familiar with Port Harcourt roads but I’m pretty sure he mentioned Rumuola area.

For a moment, I was too shocked for words so I stared in unbelief, disgust or maybe his juju caught me for a few minutes.

Then I turned in anger and said, “are you mad” then proceeded to say a lot of other things to me.

I noticed that each time people passed us, he’d say “are you talking to your husband like that, is that the right way to talk to your husband”.

So people looked at me cray cray. The funny thing is, I couldn’t leave..I was cussing him out yet I couldn’t feel my legs let alone moved them.

He kept throwing the husband line and telling me to move to that hotel and a whole other stuff, he also had a bottle of water he occasionally drank from…I didn’t make anything of it.

People didn’t get close because they thought it was family issues and on my own part, I was too dazed to speak.

I don’t know what happened but somehow I found my voice and scolded him even more and this time louder.

Then I turned to the security man around and asked if he knew the guy, I explained what happened to him and he said the guy told him I was his wife.

I left the goat there and walked to the road, he stood and stared for some minutes.

I boarded a taxi going my way. Immediately I got in, I saw this same guy seated in the taxi or he joined after I boarded,

I can’t remember now. But he kept looking at me, drank from the bottle and then started talking again.

When the driver looked back, he tried to play the husband card again. But I didn’t let him speak.

This time, I was really angry so I yelled at him so much while explaining to the driver…

The driver swerved to the side of the road and asked him to get out….he did and the driver moved.

Told me to go thank my God because the man is either a serial rapist, murderer or ritualist.

Here’s the shocker, during that incident, I remembered the name of the hotel he told me to go to while the incident lasted, but after the driver chased him out, I explained everything to the driver but I could no longer remember the name of the hotel….I only remembered Rumuola.

The driver said I don’t even understand what God did for me.

Yesterday evening, I had a similar experience again in the same port Harcourt but this time around King’s Assembly. I stayed somewhere close to King’s Assembly so after I return from work, I’d take a stroll.

Yesterday, I had a meeting around Big Treat and after the meeting, I left for my accommodation and just as I made to cross the road, this guy came from nowhere and put one of his hands on my neck calling me something “sweetheart”.
With a scowl on my face, u shouted “who’s your sweetheart, shey you’re mad”. He called me that again.

Something just told me to run back to where I was coming from and I did. I ran back to those guys selling stuff around there and pretended like I was buying fruits.

I explained everything to a female hawker around there and she told me to stand there till the guy left and she said “even if na tomorrow”

I stood for some minutes and this guy didn’t leave….he stood on that road stuff waiting for his mother not me.

It wasn’t long, a Camry came with two guys in the owner’s seat, he jumped from that stuff, crossed the road quickly and got into the car and they zoomed off.

I like to believe this is the new way of kidnapping, scam, ritual or whatever they’re doing. .

Once I was riding with a client and this SUV was infront of us, a woman was squeezed between two men and one of them had a baby who was crying uncontrollably…it was obvious that all wasn’t well because why wasn’t she feeding the wailing baby and she had fear written all over her face.

The driver had a small white sheet betweeb his lips.

One look at them and my client said, “Kai, they don kidnap this woman”. And he was like he’d call the attention of the police when we reach the checkpoint! Whosai! They got to a point and drove into another street.

They have a new style now and they probably operate with something on their tongues to weaken their victim’s defense.

Please be safe.

I have left your city for you people, abeg!



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