See How Ayra Starr Came Up With Her Stage Name

Nigerian fast-rising artist Ayra Starr has revealed how she got her stage name in an interview in the latest issue of New York-based contemporary fashion and culture magazine, Odda Magazine.

The Nigerian singer Ayra Starr, was interviewed for the latest issue of Odda Magazine, a New York-based contemporary fashion and culture magazine where she reveal how she got her name.

The interview was shared on Sunday, the 14th of November 2021.

In the interview with Odda Magazine, she discussed how she came up with her stage name and how Nicki Minaj influenced her early on.

Since signing to Mavin Records, The music star has shown to be quite a star, as her name suggests.

Not satisfied with only releasing her self-titled EP, the singer went on to release her debut album, 19 & Dangerous, the following year.

During an interview with Odda Magazine, Ayra Starr said that Nicki Minaj was a major influence on her as a child. She also described how she came up with her name.

She said:

“Ayra” was a name I looked up on Google when I was searching for a stage name as I didn’t want to use my birth name.

Seeing the name after a long search had me say, “Eureka!” When I saw the meaning of “Ayra,” which means woke, respected, and eye-opening, I felt ecstatic. It finally felt like I found the missing piece of the puzzle.

I chose “Starr” because I’m obviously a star — as I have always known myself to be — and I just added another [letter] “R” to make it unique.

“Celestial Being” is what I describe myself as and it doesn’t necessarily have an influence on my persona as I don’t like being put in a box, but I’ll say it is who I am and I live up to it in my own celestial being standard



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