READ EFFECTIVE RAMADAN ROUTINE; you may find it useful.

1. Sleep Daily by 10pm.

2. Wake up 3am.
3. Tahajjud 3:30am till 4:15am
4. Study Quran for 20mins, at least 10verses with meaning. 4:15am – 4:35am. Observe your Dua for 10mins, ask all your desires from Allah 4:35 – 4:45.
5. Eat Sahur from 4:45am till fajr.
5: Get prepared for Salatul Subhi after eating Sahur
7. Pray Salatu Subhi: @the appointed time
8. Do Morning Azkar till 6am/6:30am
9. Rest/Prepare for the day till 7am.
10. Pray Salatu Duha, at least 4 Rakats. From 9:00am to 11:30am
11. Constantly Listen to Quran.
12. Pray Salatu Zuhr at the appointed time. Do 20mins Azkar.
13. Pray Salatu Asr at the appointed time & Do 20mins Evening Azkar, and recitation of the Qur’an.
14. Break your fast at sunset with what you can afford. But pray and ask Allah for anything and everything you want before breaking the fast. Pray Salatu Magrib, your Dua will not be rejected.
15. Pray Ishai at the right & Pray 11 Rakats of Taraweeh till 9:00pm.
16. After Taraweeh, spend 5mins to reflect on the day, and ask yourself these questions;. What did you do well? What needs to be improved?. What needs to stop? what needs to start?

Above all increase your sadaqah ( charity giving, by helping the poor and the needy)

We pray Almighty Allah rewards us all.🤲




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