Read Details: The Man Who Drew Cartoon That Mocked Prophet Mohammed Has Died

Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who stirred worldwide controversy in 2007 with drawings depicting the Prophet Mohammad with the body of a dog, was killed in a car crash near the southern town of Markaryd on Sunday, police said.

Vilks, 75, who had been living under police protection since the drawings were published, was travelling in a police vehicle which collided with a truck. Two police officers were also killed.

“This is a very tragic incident. It is now important to all of us that we do everything we can to investigate what happened and what caused the collision,” Swedish police said in a statement on Monday.

“Initially, there is nothing that points to anyone else being involved.”

Most Muslims consider any depiction of the founder of Islam as offensive.

The drawing of Muhammand with a dog’s body led to a number of plots against him, and Al-Qaida put a bounty on his head.

In 2010, two men tried to burn down his house in southern Sweden.



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