MUST READ!! 5 Things A Girl Must NOT Do In This Very Hot Weather

the weather is so hot 🔥😑😑

I don’t know about other states but here in Lagos, we are sweating like Christmas goat and it ain’t December.

And since we take our Women very dearly, we are listing 5 things a Woman Must NOT Do In this hot period:

5) Don’t Wear Wig

Even days that are not hot, ladies don’t really find it comfortable wearing wig despite the fact it makes them look beautiful.

All they think about is how they will get home and fling that thing somewhere, many girls have told me this…😂

So In order to avoid scratching your head outside in this sweaty period, stay away from wig at the moment.

4) Don’t Wear Too Much Makeup

Girls should stop wearing makeup in this hot period.

This is a tragic mistake made by most women. It is wrong to wear too much make up when it is very hot.

According to Experts..

Makeup impacts your skin’s ability to sweat and cool down, which in turn causes breakdowns.

Tammy explained: Essentially, makeup acts as a cover on your face, forcing the skin to almost suffocate and retain all the oil and sweat which it produces in the heat.

3) Don’t Wear Undies To Bed

Ladies must refrain from wearing undies to bed for now.

According to Health experts again:

Bacteria and yeast thrive in a moist and warm environment, like the one created by certain types of undergarments, says Dr. Ross. Sleeping in overly tight underwear, thongs, or ones made from synthetic fabrics like lace or satin can trap moisture against your skin which encourages bacterial growth.

2) Don’t Wear Tight Clothing Like Jeans

Just like the above mentioned, most jeans are very tight and prevent the flow of air to the Vagina which is very dangerous as it can encourage bacterial growth which causes a smelly Vagina.

1) Shower 3 Times A Day


So as not to smell bad and have rough skin, Try as much as possible to bath 3 times a day – morning, afternoon and night before going to bed.

This will refresh your skin from bacterial and dirt.

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