LET’S TALK18+ONLY!! How Was It Like The First Time You Had Sex? (Share Your Experie

 How was it like the first time you SAMANKWE?

So you decided to have sex for the first time. Whether when you are in primary or secondary School, in your twenties, or fifties, making your sexual debut can feel so remarkable.

Here on LX, we have got a lot of messages from the society about what “losing your virginity” should or look like rather.

Let me briefly share my personal experience. Lol 🤣

The very first time I had sex, ómó it was mad gan.🤣 The lady was older than me with about 10yrs difference..I was just 15 then. I couldn’t lift her laps, the ass was massive that I was struggling to wrap my hand around it. But las las I was able to figure out “The Lazy Dog” style. Mehn I knack craze comot for her eye that day.🤣

The Lazy Dog

How about you? How Was It Like The First Time You Gbensh? Share your experience. (both men and women).

How Was It Like The First Time You Had Sex? (Share Your Experience).

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