I MUST READ!! Daily Ramadan Routine that you must do

Happy Ramadan Kareem to all Muslim family LxNaijaHit present Daily Ramadan Routine that you must do every day.

1. Sleep early 9:30pm

2. Wake up 3:30am

3. Tahajjud 3:30-4:00am

4. Prepare and eat Sahur 4:00-5:00am

5. Read Quran 5:00-5:30am

6. Pray Salatul Fajr 5:30-6:00am

7. Rest and prepare for the day 6:00am

8. Take a shower and head to work 7:30am

9. Pray Salatul Dhur 1:00pm

10. Pray Salatul Asr 3:45pm

11. Go back home from work 6:00pm

12. Start preparing for Iftar 6:30pm

13. Pray Salatul Magrib and break fast 7:00pm

14. Rest till Salatul Isha and Taraweeh 8:00pm

15. Back to NO 1.

May Almighty Allah make it possible for us. Amin……




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