I MUST READ!! 32 Important Warri Proverbs That You Must Know


πŸ”…1. Na person wey never see problem dey use English dey pray.

πŸ”…2. Book wey no gree enter head go enta exam hall .

πŸ”…3. Goat wen get mind follow lion go catch fish, make e know say weda dem catch fish or not, Lion food don set oh.

πŸ”…4. Who naked no dey chuck hand for pocket…!

πŸ”…5. Wetin concern dog wit family planning?..

πŸ”…6. Na determination dey make Okada overtake trailer for road.

πŸ”…7. This one good, this one good na em mad man take dey gather plenty load.

πŸ”…8. Pikin wey go strong go strong…. No be say until dem name am Samson.

πŸ”…9. Na over confidence make February no complete.

πŸ”…10. Do you know who I am? Do you know who I am?..Naso hold up take dey start.

πŸ”…11. Head wey no wan think go carry load..

πŸ”…12. Hand wey stay long for pocket, know say nothing de that pocket.

πŸ”…13. Forget Trust If trust dey, Water nor for boil Fish.

πŸ”…16. No matter how lizard do press-up reach, e no fit get muscle pass crocodile.

πŸ”…17. E de clear pimple, e de clear pimple na so bleaching de start.

πŸ”…18. Feel at home, feel at home na eim dae make visitor spoil remote .

πŸ”…19. Escort me, escort me naso slave trade take start.

πŸ”…20. It’s a small world!! No mean say you fit trek from Naija go London.

πŸ”…21. Christianity is free, but you must buy Bible

πŸ”…22. Person nor dey use shame chop winch o

πŸ”…23. Make I chop this guy money, Make I Chop this guy money. Na so ashawo take start oh.

πŸ”…24. You no need spoon and cutlery to chop slap.

πŸ”…25. Jollof Rice wey dey for bottom of pot 2day go dey for top of cooler 2moro.

πŸ”…26. The patient dog Nah hungry go kill am.

πŸ”…27. Na I go do am later na e make fowl no fly like other birds.

πŸ”…28. No food for lazy man no be for pesin wey em mama get restaurants.

πŸ”…29. Who dey hold landlord rentage no dey fry stew way curry dey.

πŸ”…30. I am covered by the blood of JESUS E no mean say make u no lock door sleep oooh .

πŸ”…31. Person wey dey chop egg make e know say yansh dey pain fowl.

πŸ”… 32. Thousand trousers no dey stop dysentry.


Source: DJ Baddo Originator



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