Here are the best dirty talk phrases to use when you want to talk dirty to him during sex!

Nothing turns a guy on more than a girl running her mouth during sex
Studies find that people who talk dirty during sex actually enjoy sex more. Others report having stronger orgasms! If that doesn’t make you curious to try it out for yourself then what will?

If you’re eager to try out talking dirty to him but are at a loss as to where to begin, I’ve got you covered

Here are the best dirty talk phrases😍

to use when you want to talk dirty to him during sex!
1. “*His name here*”

2. “Yes, just like that.”

3. “Oh my f*cking god!”

4. “You make me feel so good.”

5. “Harder.”

6. “You made me so wet.”

7. “I’ve been thinking about your penis all day”

8. “I love it when you play
with me down there.”

9. “Does that feel good?”

10. “Pull my hair.”

11. “U make me want to scream

12. “I love how u feel inside me.”

13. “My whole body is shaking.”

14. “I like to squeeze my nipples and think about you.”

15. “I wanna suck your d!ck”

16. “You taste good.”
17. “I never want to get out of this bed.”

18. “Touch me right here.”

19. “When you do that thing with your tongue, I melt”

20. “Treat me like your toy.”

21. “Pls don’t stop.”

22. “I can’t get enough of you”

23. “Let stay here forever.”

24. “You were made to be inside me.”
25. “Nobody turns me on like you do.”

26. “I want to put you in my mouth.”

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