CONGRATULATIONS! Burna Boy’s “Twice As Tall” Album Wins “Best Global Music Album” At The Grammy Award

Today, March 14, 2021, Nigerian superstar, Burna Boy won a Grammy Award for “Best Global Music Album” with his “Twice As Tall” album

Burna Boy beat Antibalas for Fu Chronicles, Bebe Gilberto for Agora, Anousha Shankar for Love Letters and Tinariwen for Amadjar.

Earlier in 2020, Burna Boy’s album, African Giant lost the category to Anqelique Kidjo’s reimagination of Celia Cruz’s music on the eponymous, Celia.

Burna Boy spoke about some of that on the opening track to ‘Twice As Tall‘.

A few weeks ago, the Recording Academy announced the category formerly known as ‘Best World Music Album’ would become ‘Best Global Music Album.’

Burna Boy lost to Angelique Kidjo when the category was known as ‘Best World Music Album.’

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