CHECK OUT!! 5Tips To Make A Church Girl Fall In Love With You

Church Girl are also women, with just little differences.

What are the ways to pull church girls and make them fall in love with you? So as you might have guessed, your mission will involve a lot of churchiness and Christianity.

There are obvious tips such as joining the choir or generally just being a worker, going to church regularly, being a decent human being, loving The Lord, knowing how to play a musical instrument and all that good stuff.

But we reached out to Judith AKA Jay, a 26 year old certified Nigerian church girl, and these interesting tips of hers look like a sure bet to getting that church girl to fall in love and walk down the aisle with you very soon!

1. Dress Sharply

You actually can’t afford to get this twisted. Those lovely suits, well-starched native outfits and all other things people wear to church has to be on point all the time.

You know church is like one of the places where you see the sharpest suits in the whole of this life. So, fam, don’t slack on your outfit game.

These girls love the Lord, sure, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like a man who knows how to clean up nice!

Jay says: “Dress impeccably. Like, always.”

2. Be Street Smart

This world may not be the home of these church babes, but they are in the world for the time being and they surely want to have the best of life before they go be with the Lord. Of course, their idea of enjoying life is in a godly way.

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Regardless, church girls don’t want you to just be spirit-filled without some street smartness about you. Haven’t you ever wondered why many of them don’t give face to those church guys that wear oversized shirts, over-sized pants and look too much and act too much like church guys?

Do you want a church girl to fall in love with you? Don’t be that guy.

Jay says: “Come to church with prayer in mind but give the feel of a somewhat bad boy; someone that knows what’s up outside God’s house.”

She adds: “Women like men that look like they could pastor the church and still hold their own in bed.”

We say: Wawuuuu! Just look at that!

3. Be Reserved

It’s OK to love everyone as Jesus does but to get that church girl to fall in love with you, my man, you need to be reserved. Don’t be too friendly with too many people.

Jay says: “Don’t be in everybody’s face, or talkative. Girls [even church girls] don’t like guys that seem to be everyone’s friend.”

4. Project Respect

You don’t need to have all the money in the whole world to pull a church chick. In fact, the church is probably where you’ll find the most babes who aren’t really about the money.

Even at that, you still need to project some class, self-respect and confidence. If not, those tongues-blasting chicks won’t care at all.

Jay says: “If you are rich, you have scored a major point. If you’re not, act like you’re going to be Dangote sooner than anyone can imagine.”

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She adds: “If you decide to give a testimony, Do it in correct and simple, understandable English. Do not have stage fright and don’t let usher drag mic from you.”

5. Be Decisive With Your Moves

Jay says: “be straight to the point and act spirit-filled.”

“One day, sit randomly next to her in church. Give her a small smile and ignore her. Act as though sitting next to her is no big deal. Then [codedly check her out and] notice the little things you like or do not like in a woman.

“If you like her [enough], sit somewhere close to her again the next time you go to church.

Find her and ask for her number.

“You go from there.”

There you have it, gentlemen. Do these five things and that sister of God won’t know what hit her till she’s beside you walking down the aisle!!!



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