Buju Needs To Stop Doing Collaborations With Immediate Effect (See Why)

The chances of Buju burning out like Bella Shmurda increases exponentially with every new collaboration.

It’s a miracle that the youngster has lasted this long and maintained the hype and quality, in fact. But the quality is going to start reducing with each new release and that was always bound to happen.

For instance, the other day I was listening to Wizkid’s “Mood,” which is one of Buju‘s biggest achievements and I couldn’t even feel him on the track. He started the track, he had his chance to wow us, but one minute into the track, nothing memorable. Wizkid took over and that’s when the song got slightly better.

For someone that killed Blaqbonez’s track with just eight bars, that’s kind of a disappointment. But he had it coming.

Since Mr. Eazi in 2016, every now and then a new guy comes along and the industry just preys on him, tapping into his hype, putting him everywhere and eventually burning him out.

Last time it happened was Bella Shmurda. He did so many collaborations he started to sound the same, and by the time he put out his last project, he had nothing left in him, no juice at all.

Buju now faces that same fate if he doesn’t pipe down.

Every new music Friday, there’s always a song featuring Buju. While he has done some pretty good stuff (“Feeling,” “Bling,” “Outside”), the things he’s doing of recent are just not worth it.

His debut album is on the way, and yes he needs to build up hype for the release. But what he needs above everything else right now is scarcity.

He needs to stop doing collaborations, and just stay low for a while. He needs to make fans yearn for more of him. Because right now, there’s just too much of him and people are tired. He’s not the only one on the industry, artists should feature other people and leave Buju alone!

If he continues down this path, and continues to jump on every song every other week, I daresay it’s going to be detrimental.

This is the time to be careful. The industry doesn’t exactly care about him. It didn’t care about Bella Shmurda.



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