Bobrisky Shares Evidence As He Reacts To Mompha’s Claim That He Doesn’t Do Gays

Yesterday, Nigerian blogosphere got heavy traffic from the messy fight between Bobrisky and his former bestie, Tonto Dike and it was ‘mad’ fun while it lasted.

We’d thought the drama would be over and done within 24 hours but another participant indirectly put himself in the fight, his name MOMPHA.

The businessman was angry over the fact that his name got entangled in the messy drama involving Bobrisky Tonto Dikeh, and he moved to warn Bobrisky.

After discovering his name had been dragged into the feud, the rather angry businessman took to his page to caution Bobrisky and ask that his name not be mentioned in the ongoing messy social media drama.

He wrote:

“Mompha, you and i know i don’t follow no blogger, I mind my business. I could remember when blogger posted that news then you were d first person to push it to my dm and you were saying all sort of thing, I wonder y you all are acting all innocent on gram now.

I don tire self for all of una with dis una two face. Well don’t push me to post more cos it will be bloody. Bye for now

I will let you all believe anything you want too… but tell mompha and co to watch their mouth

Dis same mompha warn me not to be friends with Anita Joseph till now Anita didn’t hear anything from my mouth, just because I’m matured to keep a conversation..

but when you come out to disrespect me and come to my dm to kiss my ass that is not fair people need to know who you are so they can be more careful. Mr Muslim 😂



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