BIOGRAPHIES HOUR!! With Emilwizy an artist ,Singer ,Songwriter & CEO Emil’s Music

Name: What’s King Emil real Name? Well, His real name is Akinlade Emmanuel Abidemi.

Age: King Emilwizy is a young man. He was born on April 30th 1997 to the family of Mr&Mrs Akinlade Kayode Stephen at Ibadan town, Oyo State of Niger

Hometown: Where did King Emilwizy come from? – Simply put, King Emilwiz is a proud Indigene of Ibadan town in Oyo state where he grew up and started his Music career.

Education: King Emilwizy started his Educational Journey from Army Children Primary School, Army Barracks Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria, for his primary School Education before moving to Army Day Secondary school in 2009.

Music Career: King Emilwizy started developing interest in Music at early age and started Singing like Wizkid in the hood, where his fans calls him Wizy due to his nice vocals, at Ibadan and often engage in Music Contests. He won the best Akobo Singer Award 2018, best vocalist Award in Ojoo City Award 2019, He won the best Singer Award in Ibadan City Award 2020, He won the best Singer Award in Talent Award show 2020, He won the Next Rated Artist Award in Power of Music Award 2021.

Musical Recognition: King Emilwizy had released many songs in the past and recently dropped …………. I’ve like 5 Tracks to drop and yet to be send by my producer



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