BIOGRAPHIES HOUR! with A Nigerian Indigenous Comedian and Tv Host called Baba Oni Iweitan

Name:what is Baba Oni Iweitan Real Name?

His Real name is Olatunde Abiodun Rasheed
Age:Babaoniiweitan Was Born on the 10th of June 1994 To Ms/Mrs Rasheed At Oke Aremon Oyo State,Ibadan

Home Town:Baba Oni Iweitan Came From Oyo State,Ibadan Where He Grew up And Started Is Career

Education:Baba Oni Iweitan He Started His Education From Odoye Primary School Oyo State,Ibadan After That He Attended Alegongo Community High School Ojuirin Akobo Oyo State,Ibadan Which He Later Transferred to Anglican Commercial Grammar School|| Oyo State,Ibadan

Career:Baba Oni Iweitan Started Developing Interest In Comedy At The Age Of Seven years At That Age He Discover His Talent In the year 2021 He is The host Of a Program Called,ITAN On Lx9jahit Tv

Family background:He Was Born to The Family of Mr/Mrs Rasheed At Oke Aremon Oyo State,Ibadan

Traveling Experience:He As Went to So many County Like? Italy,Spain,France,Libya
Social media Accounts:

Facebook:Baba Oni Iweitan Oropo
Twitter:@Oropo Omo
Instagram:@Baba Oni iwe itan



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