6 Different Types Of Nigerian Girls While Having Sex – (No. 5 Are Serial Killers)

we are here to open your eyes to the flip side of the coin – talking about 6 Different Types Of Nigerian Girls While Having Sex.

Drag a seat!

It will not do justice if we wash the dirty linen of our dear Nigerian men in public and conceal that of the ladies.

The previous post was curated from the precise male angle of thoughts, how about a lady writer cast the ladies too? This should be fun.😂

You would agree that all the different categories of Nigerian men listed were accurate. The men know themselves and the ladies know who they’ve encountered in bed.

While the guys’ performance is best judged after the whole deed is done, you can tell of the ladies’ activity while the game is on.

Let’s get to it.

Below Are 6 Different Types Of Nigerian Girls While Having Sex

Which one do you belong to as a babe or which one does your babe belong to?

1. Cry Cry Babies

When you start with these ones, you will get all the vibe in the world that they are really into the grind and enjoying it but before you know it, they will start crying.

This category of ladies kick off their tears from moaning and as a bad buy, your head would have been gone in the wind of the sound thinking it is something promising till they remember their late great-grandmother in heaven.😭

Cry Cry babies will make you confused because you don’t know if it is tears of joy, pleasure, or pains. You don’t know if you should stop or continue but if you have studied their spec well, you will know what to do with them.

If you haven’t come across any Cry Cry baby before, good for you bro!

To crack this type of girls’ code, you need to slow down for a bit to figure out what is wrong with them if truly they are hurt or pleasured, then you can decide what to do.

2. Fake Soundtrack Composers

Some Nigerian girls have watched porn so much that they have mastered the art of composing fake soundtracks.

These ones will fool you into thinking your performance is topnotch when it is not.

There are different factors associated with this deceptive move.

It could be that your performance is wack and the babe needed to boost your ego. It could also be to make you do what you want to do, cum and go.

The fake sound may be what triggers the girl personally, while ultimately it could be a mastered act but you are allowed to fall for it so far it gets you to the promised land.

3. The Confused Girls

This dialogue best describes the confused girls especially when they are getting down with the questionnaire guys.

They have similarities with the cry cry babies too and they tend to show more signs of discomfort than crying but they are confused as f*ck!

Guy: Is it paining you?

Babe: Yes

Guy: Should I stop?

Babe: No

You know what to do with this kind of babe, don’t you?

4. Dirty Talkers

These ones would have given you the vibe right from the start so you know what to expect.

They would have had a series of sex chats and that is even what will lead you to them.

What you see is what you get with them, they are bad like that!

What you may not know is the extent they can talk when they hit the D and don’t be surprised if they tell you to f**ck them harder in a situation when you are not hitting it right.

They most times tell you haw to handle them, they also don’t know when to stop.

5. The Silent Ones

These ones can kill because they will not say a word from the start to the end of the action.

They will not show any emotions, you won’t know if it is hurting them or sweeting them.

They will just lay there numb and barely participate in the sex.

At some point, you will start feeling as a guy if you are raping them but meanwhile na them off pant oo.

You know better when you come never to set dickpointment with them again, but guess what? They will text you again, you will give them a shot and they will still keep mute all through the second round.

E be tins.😭😂

6. The Screamers

These are the opposite of the silent serial killers. They will start throwing tantrums right from foreplay and you will end up shoving a pillow in their mouth.

That noise can really be distracting and they get tired too quickly. mtchew*😏


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Which Of These 6 Nigerian Girls Have You Had Sex With?

What Other Things Do Nigerian Girls Do While Having Sex?

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