18+ONLY!! If you are a boobs lover, You Must Read This

If you are a boobs lover, read this
Breast is God’s gift to mankind
Breast is comforting and man’s favorite pillow
Breasts are attractive and irresistible
Breast is soft and tender to fondle
Breast is life. Breast is divine
Breast is an anti-depressant and tickles the brain
Breast is for every man. It is a man’s first food. Men are big babies so breastfeed them well
Whenever a nipples get cold, the areola gets smaller because everything is getting tighter. This tightness then pushes out the nipple making it hard and delicious for men consumption👅😋
(Ladies and Gentlemen please put your imagination into work)

• While her breast and nipples are cold;
Use your left hand to cup her breast gently and softly with your thumb gliding slowly on her nipple

while running your other hands through her thighs. She will smile for you😊
Now use your tongue to;
• Touch her nipple 😍
• rub her Areola😩
• lick the top of her nipple👅
• suck her nipple 💋


• Touch her nipple 😍
• rub her Areola😩
• lick the top of her nipple👅
• suck her nipple 💋
Now use your mouth to;
• pinch her nipple softly 😩💦
• pull her nipple gently 🤗
• kneed the nipple😵💦

And twist the nipple so she can explore different sensations😩💦

Try to do this for 20 to 30 minutes!!!!

She will moan gently just like this but now keep going
Now that she’s all fired up😩💦

It’s time to bring her to orgasm with a breast massage🤗😍

• Cup her breasts and gently lift them so they feel slightly supported.

• Kiss💋and stroke the lower area of her breasts slowly while maintaining sexy eye contact with her
Now move up. Don’t focus just only on her nipples

• Gently push her brezz together and kiss the center of her chest, along her breastbone😩💦. At the same time, softly squeeze her breasts to help make them more sensitive😋.

Young warlock you’re getting there.
• Lick and kiss every inch of her breasts and follow it with a light fingertip caresses, leaving her and her nipples cold and wet 😩💦

• Let the tip of her nipple rests in between your thumb and your index finger. Now, Squeeze those fingers together so that you raise
her nipple slightly and lick it with the tip of your tongue😩👅💦

• Start by tracing the areolae with a feather-like touch until the nipples become more erect. Then Move between the nipples to the breasts to the neck and the belly. 😩👅

Then you can move on to pinching.
Pinching from the root of the nipple stimulates oxytocin.

• Always pinch or roll and hold for a while for blood to leave the nipple, never pinch and release immediately, this results to nothing😩👅💦

Try doing all this procedures for like 45mins. BREAST IS LIFE!!!
Don’t forget to run your fingers along her thighs while doing all these! It will keep her all moist. No man is too old to suck boobs, we ladies love the sensation that comes with it. Don’t be surprised when she grips your head to keep ur mouth there.

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