18+ ONLY, STORY TIME: A Single Instagram Lady Invited Me To Her House, Best Thing To Ever Happen To Me (READ MORE)

After reading this, I hope you will be able to hold yourself together.

A friend of mine just sent me a story about the ‘best thing to ever happen to me‘, he tagged.

I really enjoyed reading this and I asked for his consent if I could share it with you guys, he said no problem so enjoy.

Read below:-

Yesterday was a big day and a day I can never forget and same time the best thing to ever happen to me in a long time.

Obviosuly, yesterday was Saturday and a day to rest and have fun with yourself or your love ones but my own was a different one entirely and a very good one indeed.

How It Started

There’s this girl I had a crush on Instagram and we’ve been chatting for a while now, damn this girl is beautiful and clean as hell because have seen her before going to see her yesterday.

So last week Wednesday, we were chatting and I decided to ask her if she’s single and she said yes, that gave me a green light there but I don’t want to spoil the moment in asking her out because I feel like the vibe in which she’s using to chat with me will off if I tell her I like her so I pretend not to.

We continue to chat and one way or the other, something led to us saying some nasty things and I asked her the weirdest place she ever had sex and she said in a resturant toilet and she asked me, even though I never had sex in a weird place before, I just need to lie and tell her I had sex in a car at a beach and she’s like damn you’re a bad boy…I smile like mumu.

Fortunately, she started liking me too which I could have noticed but I was to excited with our chatting to notice anything like that, so she asked of I will be free this weekend to come to her house that her mother won’t be around, damn this really make me think like yo ‘are you sure you want to go? this girl might be joking’ but then she’s my crush.

So on Friday, I can’t hold it that long so I decided to message her that I will be free on Saturday and she said no problem. O boy, I literally scarttered all my clothes to find my best cloth and I pressed it that Friday, washed best sneakers and quickly went for haircut. I didn’t even think of shavingdown there because I wasn’t expecting anything to happen but the boy is still clean down there anyways.

There Comes The Best Day Ever

There comes Saturday and I woke up early because of this, fortunately I woke up to her message asking me what time am I coming? Omo I quickly reply as soon as I saw the message and tell her by 11am and you will think she’s waiting for me to reply because she viewed it as soon as the message showed sent, then she said ‘no problem, i’ll be expecting you baby’.

The ‘baby’ spark my brain and that moment I smiled like someone who had just recieved a paycheck, I quickly had my bath and all, put on my best dress and my best sneakers and wear some good ass cologne and ordered bolt.

On getting there, she was already outside her house, damn this girl is beautiful and she gave me a good hug, plus she gave me a compliment about smelling nice and she said you look good. I smile again like mumu and we went it.

She took me straight to her bedroom and asked me I was hungry, I acted cool and said ‘hmmmm I will take anything’ so she went downstairs and brought me yam and egg then I eat but I acted cool again even though the trenches blood in me wanted to finish the food but I left a little in the plate and we started talking.

The Best Moment Ever

Few minutes later, she said she haven’t had her bath that she need to go bath then she went and on coming out, omg she came out naked bro I opened my mouth and saliva almost slipped out my mouth and she asked ‘why do you open your mouth like that?, are you just seeing it for the first time?’, I couldn’t even answer the question.

Moving on, ‘you like what you see’, she asked. As omo trenches I replied ‘yes, this is lovely’ and she came to me drag my best jean off and started sucking my d!ck, bro I couldn’t say anymore thing than to start removing my cloth and throwing them away to places I couldn’t remember.

You know how it feels having sex with your crush you’ve been stalking for a very long time and finding out she also like you, damn…yesterday was the best day of my life not even the best day I ever had in a while, I sucked the shit out of her and should I tell you what amaze me this most? this girl have the best boobs ever and her ass is soft like agege bread and moderately big.

I nearly picked up my phone and call my mum that I finally found where my dream is that I won’t be coming home any longer and she shouldnt look for me that am find where I am.

After the sex man, I asked her if she enjoyed it and the reply is the best, she told me ‘it’s the best i had in a while’ and that wants me to go another round but she said it’s okay because bro she fucking cum.

Long story short, lol I know the story is long tho but I left her place around 9pm and she asked if I will be chanced again today my bro, am on my way going already, wish me luck again and this time am going with mokole lol.

Peace bro.

That’s it guys, well I don’t think that’s the end of the story….it continues.

Let’s wait for today’s feedback lol, my friend na bad guy.


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