READ NOW! How To Make Free Calls With Your Airtel Sim

Hello guys, today we are going to look at How to make free calls with your Airtel sim by using Airtel cheat code.

This cheat works for all Airtel plan and this trick work for but android device, smart phone and mobile phone.

All you need for this Airtel cheat is your phone and a Airtel sim card and you are good to go.

How to make free calls with your Airtelsim.

Insert your sim to your phone, then go to Dialer, then dial ** following with the number you want to call, give it a minute it will call the person, so when the person want to pick it, it cut, then the person calls back.
For example, I want to call this number 08022**6655, so I will put **08022**6655. This trick work for people who don’t have call card.
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