MUST READ!! Things Needed For An Effective Workout

Here are the things needed for an effective workout session:

Beautiful and Functional Clothes

Almost all sportswear is made of synthetics.

There is a simple explanation:

unlike cotton and other natural materials, it easily absorbs moisture, wicks away sweat well and dries quickly. Other pluses of synthetics: it retains its shape well, does not deform after washing and does not require ironing.

But not all synthetic materials are suitable for sports activities. The fabric should be breathable, pleasant to the body and not restricting movements. Like, for example, compression clothing made of biflex, a soft and elastic material that sculpts the figure. These clothes are universal: they are suitable for pilates and yoga as well as for active sports: boxing, athletics and zumba.

Socks are no exception:

just like athletic uniforms, they should be made of breathable fabric that wicks away moisture and prevents hypothermia.

Comfortable Sneakers

Sneakers should be chosen depending on the type of sport. If it is a matter of strength training, the sneakers should be as stable as possible and with a flat sole that will not slip. This will allow you to control the weight of the barbell or dumbbell. For running, on the contrary, you need running shoes with high soles and good cushioning so as not to damage the foot and joints.

It is better to measure running shoes in the evening, when the foot slightly increases from the day’s load – just as during running.

When running, the foot moves back and forth, so there should be a little room at the front of the sneaker, about 1 centimeter. This will help avoid injuries and chafing.

It is also important that the foot is firmly fixed while remaining mobile and functional. Soft inside and hard sides of sneakers are ideal.

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Water Bottle

When choosing uniforms and workout shoes, don’t forget to buy a reusable glass bottle. It’s eco-friendly, economical and just plain pretty. And also safe, because glass does not contain bisphenol and other harmful substances that are in plastic bottles. We advise you to pay attention to the contents of the bottle: if you put a crystal inside, the water will ionize and become cleaner.

Wireless Headphones

Your workout is much more effective with your favorite music, so you can’t do without headphones in the gym or on a jog. Choose a compact wireless model that feels comfortable in the ears and does not cling to clothing. Another important criterion is the duration of the headphones without recharging. If you work out for several hours or run half-marathons, you need a model that can run for at least three hours.

Activity Tracker

A fitness tracker can help you keep track of your workout results.

Many models look like sports watches, but there are also more stylish options in the form of a sleek pendant, bracelet or brooch. Such gadgets are difficult to distinguish from the jewelry, and they are also very functional:

In addition to measuring physical activity they analyze sleep, reproductive health and even stress levels. Fitness trackers are also easy to use:

They do not have buttons or a screen, and they do not need to be charged – it is enough to change the battery once every 6 months



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