Let Check The Top 6 Artistes That Will Safe The Future Of Afrobeats And Take It To The Next Level

Afrobeats to the world ladies and gentlemen, we are taking over globally.

Afrobeats as we know it is a genre started in the era of Fela Anikulapo Kuti during the 1960s/1970s.

According to Wikipedia, Afrobeat is a music genre that involves the combination of elements of West African musical styles such as fuji music and highlife with American jazz and later soul and funk influences, with a focus on chanted vocals, complex intersecting rhythms, and percussion.

The legacy of Fela has been picked up by numerous artistes in Nigeria, such as WizkidBurna BoyDavido, and the likes but what if we look into the future whereby there will be no WizkidBurna Boy and Davido and the likes, who are artistes that will secure the future of Afrobeats?

The artistes listed above in the artwork have the full potential to keep Afrobeats in existence and even push it further than the one we know now.

Artistes like RemaJoeboyFireboyCkayAyra Starr, and Buju have what is required to move Afrobeats all over the world with what they’ve been producing at this early age.

Omo, we should be proud as Nigerians that we have this set of people, as a matter of fact, our Music is what is taking us globally no doubt.

In conclusion, we should see Afrobeats as a big genre and we should try as much as possible to support the ones on the journey to take our pride as a Nigerian to the outside world.

Which Of These Artistes Is Your Favourite?

Which One Of Them Do You Believe In The Most?


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